Why Invest

Investing in a Laundromat, an Essential Business

Interested in investing in a Laundromat or laundry business? The Laundromat industry provides a great opportunity for an individual looking for an essential-business investment where the startup costs are low, has a proven return on investment, low labor costs and can withstand any economic climate. Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc.has been involved in the development of over 1,500 laundromats and dry cleaning stores and has assisted many others in retooling their existing stores. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about this exciting journey!

Laundromats are a great opportunity for someone interested in building one store or franchising multiple stores, or for the investor looking to purchase an existing store or laundromat franchise. Thanks to revolutionary technology, today’s commercial laundry equipment is loaded with energy-saving features and technologically advanced programming, allowing you to run your laundry business your way, and be profitable at the same time. The success of a laundromat investment is possible with the support and guidance of a top leading commercial laundry distributor.

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. is a full-service commercial laundry equipment distributor, here to provide you with unparalleled sales, support, and service. We offer best-in-class & utility-saving vended commercial laundromat equipment from the Alliance Laundry Systems brands, Huebsch & Speed Queen. For over 50 years we have been serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

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Questions About Investing?

Choosing A Smart Laundry Partner

Low Cost

Startup and labor costs are low, creating more value for you down the road.


Laundromats are essential businesses. Trust your investment in any economy.

Support Communities

Laundromats support the communities they are in. Earn an ROI beyond a monetary one.

Investing that gives back.

Everyone needs clean clothes, linens, towels, etc…a community where the residents rely on a vended laundromat to get their laundry done, makes for a great business opportunity for a laundromat.

Metropolitan can help a potential investor find a location fit for a Laundromat or an existing store for sale. At that point, we plan a business model around the location, and turn it into a profitable reality. We have helped hundreds of investors find locations, build and outfit their laundries with quality laundry equipment, and provide support with our unparalleled service. 

The laundry industry is not limited to just laundromat ownership. By investing in economically friendly On-Premise laundry equipment, your facility has the opportunity to significantly reduce your operating costs. When you use quality commercial laundry equipment you can cut your labor costs, utility costs, and see a greater return on your equipment investment. Metropolitan provides the most durable, reliable laundry equipment to On-Premise Laundries, Multi-Housing Laundries, Wet Cleaning, and more.

An investment built for hard times.​

The Laundry Industry is known to be a recession resistant industry that serves a basic life necessity. Laundromats continue to serve their communities well, even in especially challenging economic times. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Laundromats were listed as an essential business.  By allowing Laundromats to remain open and provide continued support in their communities, business owners found themselves providing an essential service during these challenging times.

When thinking about your next investment opportunity, please give the commercial laundry industry serious consideration, and call Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc..  Our sales team is committed to helping you understand what your investment would look like, review your budget, and thoroughly create a plan to help you be a successful Laundromat owner.