Payment Systems

Laundry Equipment Payment Systems

The world is moving beyond cash and coins as its primary payment method, meaning laundry owners have the exciting opportunity to adapt and embrace this cashless world by offering a variety of cashless laundry equipment payment systems. Beyond keeping up with the times, adding new vended commercial laundry equipment or converting existing coin-operated laundry equipment to modern laundry payment technologies offers a variety of benefits to both customers and owners. 

One benefit customers like is they no longer need to fumble with quarters. They simply need to download a payment app, add their payment type, and start their laundry. This convenient way of paying to do laundry is both beneficial to the tenant and the property owner. Once the tenant experiences the ease of use, they will gladly return to do their laundry again and again.

Laundry payment systems are also user-friendly for property owners. The additional benefits include the ability to increase prices by smaller increments than 25 cents, less frequent laundry equipment repairs due to jams in coin mechanisms, and the ability to remotely monitor your laundry room’s profits right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re considering a cashless vended laundry equipment payment system, a loyalty card laundry equipment payment system, or a hybrid of the two, Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. works with the best-in-class laundry payment system companies to offer the most appropriate solution for your business:

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Or, if coin-operated laundry machines are the preferred method of payment, our machinery is equipped with a convenient, easy-to-use coin drop.

When it comes to updating your payment systems, there is no substitute for experience.

Let the team at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. help you get started on the right path when it comes to replacing your old, worn-out laundry equipment or converting your coin-operated laundry equipment to an effective, easy-to-use laundry card payment system in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Request a quote from Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc or call 1 (866) 448-7134 to get in contact with a knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly Metropolitan Sales Consultant!