Laundromat in New Jersey with Commercial Laundry Equipment from Metropolitan Laundry Service

Laundry Care Laundromats

For Bobby Vu, opening a laundromat was a welcome new business opportunity.

After many years of owning and operating different businesses, he decided it was time for a change. 

He found an ad in his local paper ran by Cliff Ross at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, marketing the commercial laundry industry. After multiple conversations, Bobby began to develop a trusting relationship with Cliff. He chose Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales as his laundry partner because of the trust he developed with Cliff and it was for this reason that he made the decision to invest in the laundry business. Bobby enjoys looking for locations and seeking Cliff’s professional council. Cliff will provide honest advice on what he thinks about the location and if it will make for a successful laundromat.

One laundry, led to another and another and another – Bobby’s success is a great example of what laundromat ownership represents. Bobby is happy to build from the ground up or buy and renovate an existing laundromat. He is proud of his stores and named them “Laundry Care”, with a clear message that he wants people to know that “we care for our customers who do their laundry with us”. Bobby understands running a business is tough and never easy but he his grateful for his business opportunities and therefore goes above and beyond what is expected of him.

Bobby shared with Metropolitan that the success of his stores can be attributed to “treating customers with respect, building relationships between staff and customers, and having reliable, durable commercial laundry equipment”. The laundry industry has exceeded Bobby’s expectations. While this has been a tough year all around, Bobby knows he must be there for his customers to make them feel like family. He will always provide them with a clean, sanitized, and safe environment to do their laundry, plus he will continue to be there for his customers and always provide them with quality commercial laundry equipment.