CleanFresh Laundromat

Stephen Gramaglia of CleanFresh Laundromat, located in Yonkers, NY couldn’t be more excited about the opening of his first laundromat.

After working 21 years in the financial industry, Stephen felt that the time was now to invest and open his own laundromat. CleanFresh Laundromat opened its doors during the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the staff at his state-of-the-art laundry facility. Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. had the privilege of working with Stephen to get CleanFresh Laundromat outfitted with the best commercial laundry equipment so he was ready for business. During a visit with Stephen at his 5,000 square foot laundromat in Yonkers, New York, we had the opportunity to sit and chat with him about his experience with the laundromat industry.

When asked why he chose Metropolitan Laundry as his laundry partner, Stephen replied…“Metropolitan’s reputation as a reliable, honest and responsive commercial laundry equipment distributor is unquestioned in the industry, for over 50 years. My experience with Metropolitan exceeded my expectations – they guided me through every stage of my Laundromat project. Any time I needed help or had questions they were available. Now I understand why they have so many loyal, repeat customers”.

When starting a new business there are many aspects that drive you to deliver high quality service. Stephen proudly shared “I’m excited about being able to provide an essential service to my community. The area where my laundromat is located was in dire need of a safe, spacious and modern laundromat. My customers are in awe of what we built when they come here for the first time. I love being able to provide an oasis for my customers and provide them with exceptional customer service”.

Adding to the excitement of providing an essential service to the community with his new Laundromat, Stephen is also extremely satisfied with his Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment. He proudly said “My customers absolutely love the Speed Queen equipment! The 200G spin rate on the washers is a game changer. My customers are thrilled at how dry their clothes are when they come out of the washers – couple that with our super-hot dryers and our customers can cut down the time they spend doing their laundry by 50%. The large capacity 80lb washers and the 45lb stack dryers are also a big hit with our customers. The feedback on our equipment has been overwhelmingly positive”.


After listening to Stephen share his excitement for his new laundry business investment, we were interested to hear how he is making his business thrive during these ever-changing times.  He concluded, “In today’s environment you have to go the extra mile in terms of cleanliness and customer service – that is paramount. We are constantly sanitizing the folding tables, laundry carts, seating area, bathrooms and the soap dispensers. Our customers really appreciate how we take care of the store and what we are doing to ensure their safety. Once we got our operation running smoothly we started advertising to get our message out to the public – we are safe, spacious and sanitary”.

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. appreciates the business relationship we’ve established with Stephen Gramaglia of CleanFresh Laundry in Yonkers, NY, and wish him and his staff much success in the Laundromat industry!

Stephen Gramaglia of CleanFresh Laundry Happy with Metropolitan Laundry Service