The Latest in Commercial Laundry Technology: What to Expect in 2024

From smart machines that revolutionize the way laundry is processed to cashless payment systems that streamline transactions, the laundry industry is ever-changing. In this post, the Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Inc. sales team will highlight the shifts towards sustainability, user-friendly experiences, and more that are redefining the standards of commercial laundry in 2024 and beyond. 

Smart Machines: Transforming Laundry Operations

The laundry industry is ever-evolving. In 2024, we expect the industry to become even more modernized to maximize revenue and efficiency. 

Efficiency Enhancement

As commercial laundry equipment has advanced over the years, it has become more efficient by streamlining laundry tasks through intelligent algorithms and sensors. Whether you’re using the washers and dryers for your Laundromat, multi-housing, or on-premise laundry operation, they have the capability to reduce operational inefficiencies, minimize errors, and maximize output. 

Trusted commercial laundry equipment brands, such as Huebsch, Speed Queen, and UniMac, have been taking large leaps in the laundry industry to innovate the wash and drying process since they were founded. 

Huebsch offers Galaxy Touch controls that have revenue-enhancing technology for laundry business owners like you to boost profits and meet your business goals. Upcharging for warm or hot water-raising cycles during peak business hours is a changeable feature you can offer as desired.  

Speed Queen has designed its equipment to make your life — and your customers’ lives — easier. Their heavy-duty, superior-quality laundry machines can be upgraded with the technology you want most. From cloud-based reports to 24/7 machine support, you can ensure your equipment runs efficiently, creating a more streamlined and cost-effective service. 

UniMac developed its technology around the initiative of being environmentally friendly while ensuring its equipment is prepared to do the heavy lifting for you. UniMac technology is innovative and powerful, so each wash is thoroughly rinsed and dried to perfection. When duty calls for high-performance, eco-friendly commercial laundry equipment, UniMac is the #1 choice.  

“Running a Laundromat with outdated technology is both inefficient and time-consuming for both the customer and business owner. For example, when it comes to handling refunds, this multi-step process can be frustrating for an already dissatisfied customer,” according to Cliff Ross, VP of Sales at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. 

Cliff feels with today’s technology, “a customer can receive a credit within seconds to their loyalty laundry card. This service can easily be completed by the attendant or the store owner on the spot.” Cliff concludes, “Updated technology allows owners to quickly resolve issues, restoring customer confidence quickly and efficiently.”

Real-Time Monitoring

Making decisions about your laundry business in real-time can be very rewarding. Literally. 

Having the ability to check the status of your laundry equipment, adjust vend prices, or see how many turns per day each machine generates helps you make smart business decisions. Through Speed Queen Insights, Huebsch Command, and UniMac UniLinc, you can address matters immediately from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Technological advancements allow you to take a deep dive into the analytics of your business.  Laundromat owners can gather intel into the status of each machine, determine an opportune time to offer loyalty rewards, or how and when to market to new customers. Tracking performance and revenue, accessing machine status, and connecting with customers through loyalty rewards are the tools you need to transform your laundry business. This level of functionality enhances operational efficiency and contributes to repeat and new business. 

The advancements in technology in an on-premise laundry room are clear thanks to the easy-to-use touchpad, multi-language capabilities that simplify training, settings for delayed start times, error alerts in easy-to-understand language, and much more.  

Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Preventative maintenance alerts are a game changer in the laundry industry.  As a laundry business owner or manager, you now have the ability to ensure your commercial laundry equipment is operating efficiently. You can notify your maintenance teams of potential issues and service needs through real-time alerts. 

Not only are you minimizing unexpected downtime with this preventative maintenance technology, but you’re also extending your machines’ lifespan, helping you reduce the overall cost of ownership for businesses. 

User-Friendly Experience

An easy-to-use experience is a must for customers or tenants using your machines. User-friendly laundry equipment controls offer users a seamless experience, ensuring they return to your laundromat or laundry room and generate more profit over time.  User-friendly controls enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty by making the laundry process more enjoyable and accessible for all users. 

Interfaces designed for simplicity allow users to easily monitor the progress of their laundry remotely, check the progress of their cycle, and receive notifications when their laundry is complete. This helps improve the overall experience and helps prevent machine bottlenecks, abandoned loads, and more. 

Sustainable Initiatives 

In today’s environment, commercial laundry equipment has increasingly become more sustainable – focusing on reducing water consumption and lowering utility costs. 

Upgrading just one new Speed Queen energy-efficient washer extractor can save around $1,008.72 per year on water and utility bills. Combine that with multiple new machines, and you can save thousands of dollars a year with these energy-efficient machines. 

Huebsch ultra-efficient washer-extractors offer powerful water savings that use as little as 11.7 gallons per cycle, saving 40% more than other washers on the market. Even with this small carbon footprint, Huebsch can still easily clean bulky loads. 

UniMac commercial laundry equipment has advanced water management systems with 30 programmable water levels to help you save up to thousands of gallons of water each year. 

Cashless Payment Systems: Streamlining Transactions

Cashless payment systems eliminate the need for physical currency or coin-operated machines, allowing your customers and tenants to make payments electronically through credit or debit cards, mobile payments, or other contactless payment methods. 

The convenience of laundry payment systems is beneficial for customers and your business. Gone are the days of collecting coins and counting dollars. Your laundry business will have streamlined transactions, improved accuracy, and reduced processing time with various payment solutions. 

Marc, the owner of Laundryland Laundromat in Jamacia, NY, shared, “one of the best decisions I’ve made as a Laundromat owner was converting my store to strictly accept laundry card payments at both the washers & dryers, as well as at the drop-off counter.  

Converting over 60 washers and 34 stack dryers, installing a kiosk for laundry cards, and an    installation of a register at the drop-off counter only took a couple of days!” Marc was pleased with how efficiently the mechanic worked.  The store was divided into sections, allowing his business to remain open during the transition. Once the card readers were installed and programmed, customers were given a tutorial on how to use the system, and within minutes, they were able to buy a laundry card and start their laundry.  

Operating a business that offers cashless transactions helps improve your Laundromat’s overall efficiency and operation. Your attendants no longer have to worry about processing payments; all the accounting work is digitally stored.

Your business can benefit from improved financial tracking, reduced cash-handling costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. Adopting these systems for your laundry business can help you keep up with the latest in laundry technology

Metropolitan Laundry’s Sales Team Laundry Technology Predictions

Our seasoned team of laundry experts knows the latest technology and trends for what we expect to see from laundry businesses in 2024.

As a distributor, Metropolitan is the link between the equipment manufacturer and the Laundromat owner.  We believe our immense product knowledge allows us to know exactly the types of machinery and technology that will benefit each of our customer’s distinct needs.

Choose Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. as Your Trusted Laundry Partner

You can experience a partnership far beyond the sale with Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. We’ll work with you to choose the most up-to-date laundry equipment for your business while providing you with parts and services that you can rely on.

Our team has over 56 years of experience distributing best-in-class commercial laundry equipment to business owners in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We can help you boost revenue and enhance customer experience. 

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