The Best Commercial Washers and Dryers of 2023

Commercial laundry equipment and capabilities are improving at record speeds meaning the best commercial washers and dryers from last year might not be the best this year.

Laundry business owners need to stay atop industry trends and offer high-quality laundry equipment to boost profitability and exceed customer expectations.

With over 55 years in business, the team at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. has the experience and expertise to guide you through 2023 and beyond.

For a deeper dive into the most popular and best commercial laundry equipment options, industry predictions, and trend insight from the team at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., read or contact us for more information on how to take your business to the next level this year.


The Best Commercial Washers of 2023

Huebsch Washers

Hardmount Washer/Extractor Galaxy Touch

Offer efficient custom wash cycles with the Huebsch® Galaxy Touch™ washer-extractors with eBoost™. The machine’s cycle modifiers and wash options allow customers to tailor the Huebsch® washer to their preferences. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Spins up to 200 G-Force to remove water
  • Improved cylinder/sump system
  • Computer-optimized frames

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Hardmount Washer/Extractor Galaxy 600

Looking for reliability and efficiency in your commercial laundry equipment? Then the Huebsch® Galaxy™ washer-extractor with eBoost™ is a must-have in your Laundromat. 

Huebsch’s patented Water Guardian™ technology can detect leaks in the machine, eliminating excess water use and increasing profitability for your laundry business. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Proprietary inverter drive technology provides smooth, reliable power
  • Better wash and extraction performance
  • Computer-optimized frames for less vibration

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Softmount Washer/Extractor Galaxy Touch

Huebsch® softmount washer-extractors feature unique Galaxy Touch controls that simplify the laundry experience for customers and allow you, as a business owner, quick access to cycle upsells, which increase overall revenue for your business. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Galaxy Touch control that delivers return on investment
  • Contemporary aesthetic for a premium experience
  • High extraction speeds for shorter dry times and lower energy bills

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Speed Queen Washers

Hardmount Washer/Extractor Quantum Touch

With high extraction speeds that produce faster drying times and a heavy-duty, efficient design that lowers energy bills, Speed Queen® hardmount washer-extractors will be a new favorite in your Laundromat. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Multiple customer payment options
  • User-friendly screen with built-in operating instructions
  • Flexible pricing options

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Hardmount Washer/Extractor Quantum Gold

The heavy-duty design of the Speed Queen® hardmount washer-extractor has been trusted by laundry business owners for years. 

This machine’s design provides customers with their preferred wash cycle, allowing them to clean both delicate loads of laundry and heavily-soiled loads. 

It also features set pricing or payment options, making it easy to customize your laundry operation to best suit your needs.

Key Benefits: 

  • 18 total cycles
  • Speed cycle options for faster wash times
  • Flexible payment options

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Softmount Washer/Extractor Quantum Touch

These Speed Queen® softmount washer-extractors allow for more installation flexibility while still providing the power and durability you need in a commercial setting. This washer is an excellent option for Laundromats, on-premise laundry, or multi-housing laundry rooms that may be on a second floor or in a basement setting. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Speed Queen® Insights ready
  • Various customer payment options
  • 30+ languages available

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The Best Commercials Dryers of 2023

Huebsch Dryers

Single Tumble Dryer

The ultra-efficient Huebsch® commercial vended tumble dryers produce fast dry times for your laundry customers. Quicker dry times mean customers get in and out of your laundry business quickly, allowing for more people to use the machines and leading to higher overall profitability. 

Key Benefits: 

  • All belt drive system
  • Self-cleaning lint screen
  • Solid-state electronic controls

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Stacked Washer/Extractor – Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers machines like the Huebsch® stacked washer/extractor are a great option for laundry businesses that are tight on space. More dryers per square foot and shortened drying times offer a higher return on investment.

Key Benefits: 

  • Premium Galaxy Touch technology for faster dry cycles
  • Impact tested to handle customer laundry loads
  • Space saving

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Stack Tumble Dryers

Huebsch® tumble dryers have been trusted by laundry business ownerssince 1907. These ultra-efficient dryers save space, offer reduced utility costs and produce fast dry times meaning owners can get customers in and out fast. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Solid-state electronic controls
  • Axial airflow design
  • Multiple point suspension

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Speed Queen Dryers

Single Tumble Dryer

Speed Queen® single tumble dryers are purposefully designed with fewer moving parts, so you’ll face fewer maintenance issues and less downtime. With their ergonomic design and efficient drying times, customers will love utilizing them in your laundry room. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Built with performance in mind
  • Enhanced customer experience with clear directions
  • Flexible payment options

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Stack Tumble Dryer

The Speed Queen® stack tumble dryers utilize the same strength as single tumble dryers with double the machines. Customers can choose their preferred cycle options, increasing overall satisfaction. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Quantum-Touch or Quantum Gold control options
  • Various customer payment options
  • Easy-to-use directions

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Stack Washer/Extractor – Tumble Dryer

Speed Queen® stacked washer/extractor-tumble dryers are a must-have in your laundry room to increase overall efficiency. You get all the power of a single unit, with the convenient space-saving stacked design that’s perfect for smaller spaces.

Key Benefits: 

  • Maximize your space with stacked unit
  • OPL Touch Control
  • Various capacities are available, including 30-pound and 50-pound

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3 Commercial Laundry Trends to Expect in 2023

In 2023, commercial laundry equipment will continue to improve and grow as you expect more out of your equipment.

Our Director of Operations, Evan Katz, shares these insights about the 2023 commercial laundry equipment trends in 2023:

“Replacement of aging commercial laundry equipment is a continuing trend in 2023, for both existing store owners with one or more laundromat locations, and even new investors looking for their first existing-laundromat location to purchase.

Existing store owners who own their own real estate, or are renewing leases with their landlords, and/or new investors that are purchasing an existing laundromat location, are intent on upgrading to new energy efficient washers & dryers that yield significant cost-savings on utilities, including water and gas. 

They are also continuing to leave coin-collection in the past, by introducing modern vended laundry payment system technologies, that offer significant benefits and improvements to the efficiency of their business, and their customer experience.”

With all that in mind, here’s what our expert team at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. expects to see more of this year. 

1. Smart Payment Systems

Modern laundry equipment technology requires fewer coins and is instead moving to credit card and debit card, loyalty card, and smartphone app laundry payment options

Customers can swipe or tap their cards, allowing them to pay quickly and conveniently. They can easily see what they’ve been charged with each swipe and add more money if needed. 

Smartphone apps allow customers and tenants to pay for their loads of laundry from their phones. This is a secure and convenient payment option for them as they utilize your laundry room or business. 

2. Smart Appliance Features

Smart commercial laundry equipment connects with a customer’s phone and can send alerts to notify customers when their laundry is done and if machines are open. 

These alerts help customers plan their schedule and avoid driving or walking to the Laundromat if machines are in use. It helps balance out peak times and minimize congestion in your Laundromat facility which increases profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Smart laundry equipment will also allow customers to stop or start their loads of laundry with their phones and set cycle preferences. This increases your revenue per load by making upsells like extra rinse cycles or hot water easy to add.

3. Reduced Energy and Water Consumption

Modern laundry equipment machines will continue to become more efficient. Washers and dryers will allow you to track your energy usage and help determine load pricing when your laundry room is busiest. 

Stronger spin cycles will also help  reduce water usage and dry times, saving your customers time while increasing the profit of your laundry business. 

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