Retool Your Laundromat with Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc.

When you retool your laundromat with Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc., you’re sure to increase your laundry business’ efficiency and profitability, as well as recoup lost revenue and business. 

While equipment replacement can be a big financial investment, it is important to recognize there are endless possibilities that come with newer, energy efficient machinery and integrated technology, including a long-term return on investment and improved business quality.

When you partner with Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. to update your existing laundromat equipment, we provide you with a complete cost analysis where we consider the return on investment, financing opportunities, energy saving possibilities, and help you take your laundry business back.

Ready to Upgrade your Laundromat?

Why Should I Replace My Laundry Equipment?

Your Benefits

  • Fewer repair bills and less equipment downtime.
  • Cashless payment apps available with newer machinery offer a safer and more convenient way for you to collect your dues. No more running to the bank with coins!
  • More efficient, reliable machinery gets clothes cleaner and faster, allowing for more loads of laundry each and every day, greatly improving your profits.
  • Ability to manage and monitor your laundry business, including track revenue and machine usage, manage payments, and offer real-time assistance to customers, from anywhere with Huebsch Command or Speed Queen Insights.
  • Ability to increase prices in increments less than 25 cents and offer promotions tailored to specific times of day or week.
  • Minimize your ecological footprint with more energy-efficient and sustainable laundry equipment.

Customer Benefits

  • Cashless payment options eliminate the need for customers to carry around quarters and give them the ability to pay with their preferred payment method – credit card, smartphone app or smart laundry card, depending on your laundromat’s payment system.
  • More efficient, reliable machinery means customers spend less time in your laundromat, and get more time to indulge in other life experiences.
  • Mobile laundry apps allow customers to immediately notify owners of machine malfunctions and request refunds, as well as check machine availability, monitor the status of their loads, and receive cycle completion alerts.
  • Updated, cleaner laundry equipment make for a more aesthetically pleasing environment, making customers feel more at ease and comfortable in your laundry space.

When Should I Consider Retooling My Laundromat?

Your laundry equipment is not energy efficient. Older machines may not meet industry standards or environmental requirements. 

Your laundry equipment is lacking modern technology. Today’s advanced laundry technologies, such as higher G-forces and larger capacities, improve efficiency, utility costs and overall performance. 

Your laundry equipment repair bills are high. Older equipment breaks down more frequently than newer machines, making your repair expenses more frequent and your equipment downtime higher.

Your customers seem unhappy or do not return. If you’re seeing a downward trend with customers, it’s likely equipment related.


Laundromat with Commercial Laundry Equipment from Metropolitan Laundry Service