Laundry Warehouse Case Study

If anyone knows about the meaning of a good location, it is Mark Lustbader of Laundry Warehouse, located in New Jersey. Mark, a real estate professional, entered the commercial laundry industry ready to put his experience & willingness to learn about the laundry industry to work. He has had the honor of teaming up with Cliff Ross, our NJ based salesman, for about 20 years. Their relationship has been built on trust, professionalism, and loyalty.  It’s these three key ingredients that Mark finds most important when running his laundries as well.

With 10 laundromats spread out over Northern New Jersey, Mark says “Location is important, but it is what Laundry Warehouse means to my customers that is just as important”.  He goes on to say…“other valuable components to operating successful laundromats are offering superior laundry equipment, providing consistent quality customer service, and making sure the staff delivers a valuable service. 

As a business owner of a recession resistant & essential business, we asked Mark how he adapted to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Without hesitation he said “I knew I had to make changes in my laundries to respect the welfare of my staff & customers. We cleaned our machines after each use and closed off folding tables to give customers a safe amount of distance to fold their laundry. Thanks to my incredibly loyal customer base and staff, I was able to remain open and provide a safe & clean environment for my customers to do their laundry”.  

For those looking to invest in the commercial laundry industry, Mark advises “partnering with a distributor you can trust and rely on for honest advice”. He also suggests “defining who you want to be in this business, so do your homework and understand the industry”. Mark’s honestly and professionalism are what helps him to be successful in the laundry industry. 

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