Laundry Payment Systems: Coin-Op vs Cashless

While some Laundromats continue to use coin-operated laundry equipment, there has been a huge surge in the use of digital, cashless laundry payment systems. These cashless systems are mobile friendly and accept credit/debit/EBT cards.  With the convenience of an app based system, you can easily and efficiently track the daily operations of your Laundromat’s business. They also feature loyalty rewards for your customers as well.

Why Should You Go Cashless?

As a commercial laundry distributor with over 54 years of experience in the industry, it is clear to us that Laundromats need to set themselves up for success by incorporating the features and attractions their customers want. Cashless laundry payment systems will help you to attract and retain customers and make it more desirable for them to pay to do their laundry. Let’s walk through what our systems could mean for your laundry business.

Cliff Ross, Vice President of Sales, “nothing in my years of experience has matched the impact of card payment systems on the ability of laundry owners to successfully manage their laundromats and to expand and become multi-store owners.”

At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. 95% of our vended laundry customers purchase one of our laundry card payment systems with their new order of commercial laundry equipment. With the increased interest in the latest vended laundry technology, we have noticed our existing customers are starting to convert their coin boxes to one of our modern payment systems as well. No one wants to be the only business in town without the latest and greatest options.

Advantages of Laundry Payment Systems

  • You can regulate & manage your business better – no more heavy bags of coins 
  • There are a variety of systems, including: cashless vended laundry equipment systems, loyalty cards, or a hybrid of both 
  • You encourage more customers by improving convenience and set yourself apart from competitors

Which Cashless System Is Right For You?

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. works with the best-in-class laundry payment system companies to offer the most appropriate solution for your business. We are proud distributors of Card Concepts Inc, Laundroworks, Spyderwash, and Pay Range. Each system works differently and can benefit any vended laundry situation. In addition to Laundromats, card payment systems work efficiently in multi-housing laundry rooms, dormitories, or anywhere vended laundry equipment is called for. Each payment system brand features something unique, however, their main goal is to make your day-to-day laundry operations more efficient and your customers’ experience more rewarding.

Card Concepts Inc – offers laundry service providers a payment system featuring a coin/card combo payment system, a coinless, loyalty card and mobile payment system, and a coinless, all-in-one payment management system.

Laundroworks – features a payment and management system with a contactless card for customer use.

SpyderWash – offers a technologically advanced, all-in-one laundry card system allowing customers to pay for their laundry using credit/debit or loyalty cards.

Pay Range – an application-based mobile payment system offering loyalty rewards.

So, how do you know which laundry card system is best for your business? The dedicated team at Metropolitan will establish what it is you want out of a payment system, and will work hard to resolve and find a system to optimize your business. We offer store owners a holistic approach to managing their laundry business. Call us today at 1 (866) 448-7134 to get started!

Laundry Card Payment System Success Stories

Marc R., multi-store owner, and owner of Clean and Green Laundromat in Bronx, NY said he was pleased with the easy transition into his new laundry card payment system. He states “With Laundroworks I can efficiently track, in real-time, reporting on all of my machines, locate exactly which machines are in use by which customers, track each attendant’s card usage, monitor payment collections, and so much more. Ever since we installed this system, I have also seen an increase in our overall store sales. Customers are loving this system. I feel this system has helped me retain my customers and even gain new ones.”


With change comes an adjustment period. Now is a great opportunity to connect with your customers. Use this time to explain how your system works, show your customers how they can receive rewards and bonuses when doing laundry at your store. Let them know about specific laundry specials you are running, special vend pricing during specific times of the day, and how easy it is to pay for their laundry at the machine. Overall, customers enjoy the experience of paying for their laundry with a swipe or a tap.

Let’s Get Started!

The experts at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. would like the opportunity to explore your options for converting your coin-operated Laundromat into an efficient, easy-to-use laundry card store. Call us at 1 (866) 448-5468 or request a quote from Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales. We look forward to hearing from you!

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