Healthy Maintenance Habits for your Laundry Business

What comes to mind when you walk into your laundry facility and see an out-of-order tag taped to a machine? You are probably thinking of clogged drains, accumulating debris, or a bra wire that got caught in the washer tub.  There is a simple solution to get you ahead of the problems before they get ahead of you.  It’s called preventative maintenance.  The commercial laundry equipment experts at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. have put together an easy to use laundry business maintenance guide that is filled with reminders of what you can do to help extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment, prevent downtime of your machines, and save you money on unnecessary, costly repairs.

Lots of problems with your washer extractors and tumble dryers can be avoided when you follow a simple laundry equipment maintenance schedule.  A schedule gets you into a routine for completing daily, weekly, and monthly checkups on your commercial laundry equipment.  This approach is great for everyone involved in your laundry facility.

Keeping Track of Equipment Maintenance

We recommend you establish a maintenance log.  The purpose of this organizational tool is to keep track of laundry equipment service dates, know when your next service date should be, know who worked on your equipment last, as well as keep track of replacement parts and warranty claims.  Post the maintenance log document where you will see it each time you visit your laundry business.  Documenting your commercial laundry equipment’s service history is a great strategy so you can stay on top of past, present, and future service needs.

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Simple Solutions

When your equipment displays error codes, refer to your owner’s manual for reference and troubleshooting tips.  Troubleshooting is an effective way to find the problem with your commercial laundry machine and solve it more efficiently.  We suggest using a file box with labeled folders for each specific piece of equipment.  This would include folders for washer extractors, tumblers, hot water tanks, laundry card payment systems, vending machines, and anything you will need quick access to in the event immediate action is needed.  Following maintenance procedures should be performed regularly to ensure the life of your equipment and prevent avoidable accidents.   When in doubt, call our service department at 800-728-0001 for customer support.

Laundry Equipment Check-Ups

Huebsch® Galaxy™ washer-extractors with eBoost™ deliver excellent efficiency while offering laundromat customers the flexibility to tailor wash cycles – all of which help laundry store owners increase profitability.Washer:  Avoid the funkiness that moisture leaves behind by following these simple equipment maintenance tips.

Make sure to wipe out the inside of the tub and check and wipe around the outside of your washing machines, and always keep the washer doors ajar.  This laundry business habit will heed off any mold that can build up in the washer drum once the contents have been removed.  Checking inside the washer lets you see if any debris was left behind.  Being aware of items in and around your washer is a proactive approach to running uninterrupted wash cycles.  Leaving the laundry detergent lid open at the end of each day is the easiest way to prevent mold and odor from building up inside the compartment.  Cleaning out and around the soap dispensers should be a daily occurrence.  Over time, build-up from liquids, powders, and other detergents can prevent the dispenser from draining properly into the washing machine causing a less than desired wash cycle.

Speed Queen® stack tumble dryers provide double the capacity and cycle opportunities, while using less space in your laundromat.Dryer: We recommend you follow these simple dyer maintenance tips for your tumblers to run at their optimum performance.

Get in the habit of cleaning the lint screens daily.  This ensures proper airflow and allows for efficient dry time.  Another area we remind our customers to clean out and check is the exhaust duct and blower fan.  You can vacuum the exhaust duct, and easily remove any accumulated lint and debris that collected around the fan.  When hot air is blocked by lint and dust, air cannot exit the tumbler and the blockage can cause it to overheat.  Another critical component to the safety of your tumblers would be to inspect your gas lines.  Be sure to check the supply line for any leaks.

Stay in the habit of always making sure your washers and tumblers are free of clothing and debris, test door locks of machinery (especially those machines that are used most often),  and be sure to only use all-purpose-cleaners to wipe your commercial laundry equipment.  Practicing these simple maintenance habits can provide peace of mind while your machinery is in use.

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Make the Right Service Call

When in doubt, call Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales. Our team of highly skilled commercial laundry equipment service technicians will be happy to assist you with all your maintenance and service needs. Whether you want to troubleshoot over the phone or schedule a visit from a technician, we are at your service. We proudly serve laundry businesses in the greater New York area, New Jersey, Fairfield County, Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and New Castle County, Delaware.

Following these simple laundry business maintenance tips gets you ahead of problems before they get ahead of you. When you’re ready for new commercial laundry equipment, request a quote from us! We have the experience and industry insight to help you upgrade your laundry business efficiently. You can also reach us at 1 (866) 448-5468. We look forward to speaking with you!

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