Choosing the Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your OPL Needs

When it comes to on premise laundry rooms, any washer and dryer just won’t do. Industries where laundry is completed on a daily basis require industrial-grade commercial laundry equipment.  

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. has been serving on-premise laundry business owners throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Castle County Delaware for the last 55 years.  

We’ve helped varying businesses  — including hotels, motels, hospitality establishments, healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, spas, fitness centers, dry cleaners, maritime, fire departments, and car wash businesses — find the appropriate laundry equipment to suit their needs.   

We understand no two laundry rooms are alike.  That’s why we approach each industry with a tailored plan designed to meet the mark for your specific needs.  No matter the size and shape of our equipment, each unit is engineered with dependable technology to provide reliable and economical laundry cycles.  

Let’s dive into the various types of OPL equipment, the differences between each machine type, and the key benefits of each. 

On-Premise Washer Extractors

Large washer extractors are perfect for the high-capacity and fast-paced environment of certain OPL laundry rooms. Healthcare, hospitality, spa, and fitness centers will benefit the most from these high-performance washer extractors. 

Washers such as the UniMac UW Series High-Performance Hardmount Washer Extractor are designed with durable construction to handle high extraction speeds while delivering efficiency and lower utility costs per load.  

Our versatile, full line of UW washer extractors are available in 45, 65, 85, 105, 130, 160, and 200 pound capacities, offering a solution to a variety of industry needs.  And with the latest UniLinc™ Touch controls, laundry room attendants can start each load with confidence — all thanks to intuitive technology loaded into each machine.  

If your laundry room doesn’t have a concrete pad or is on a second floor, our softmount washer extractors are an excellent choice. If you own a gym or hospitality business, you’re a candidate for the UniMac softmount washer extractor.

This machine can withstand the fast-paced demands of the industry while reducing water consumption and costs — delivering 15% in water savings compared to older machines. 

We also offer mid-performance commercial washer and cabinet hardmount washer extractors to accommodate industries where lower extract speeds are sufficient or for businesses that require more versatile equipment.  These machines deliver the same durability and performance you require from your laundry equipment. 

Industrial Tumble Dryers

Whether you prefer a single tumble dryer or stacked, you can trust that you’ll have efficient dry times to get your laundry loads ready faster. 

Single Tumble Dryers

Single tumble dryers are available in a variety of capacity options, ranging from 30, 55, 75, 120, 170 and 200 pounds, aligning perfectly with your fast-paced on-premise environment. 

Stacked Tumble Dryers

Stacked tumble dryers open more space for additional laundry equipment while providing excellent drying cycles. 

These stacked dryers are available in either 30 or 45 pound capacities.  This is a perfect solution for businesses with limited space, but a good amount of laundry.

Stacked Washer – Extractor/Tumble dryers

If space is an issue and you need an extractor washer and dryer combination for your on-premise business, UniMac stacked washer extractor tumble dryers are an excellent choice. 

These compact, yet durable machines allow you to introduce powerful, industry-leading efficiency to your spa, fitness center, or hospitality business while taking up less space. This stacked UniMac laundry machine is available in 30 and 50 pound capacities. 

Flatwork Ironers

Keep your linens crisp and like-new longer. UniMac heated roller ironers are ideal for the hospitality industry. These roller ironers can handle items such as pillowcases, bed sheets, napkins, and tablecloths that require a level of professionalism when cleaned and dried. 

Depending on what you need to iron, different widths are available to keep even the largest linens wrinkle-free. Choose from 55-inch up to 126-inch finishing widths. 

Drying Cabinets

Drying cabinets are a must for fire departments to reduce drying times for heavier uniforms while staying compliant with NFPA guidelines

The UniMac PPE drying cabinet offers preset drying programs ranging from 1.5 to 3 hours. The dual-sided airflow of these laundry machines allows an even dry throughout the turnout gear so that you’re ready to go when the alarm sounds. 

Not sure which of our washer extractors are NFPA 1851 compliant? Let our team of experts help you select the appropriate equipment to ensure your turnout gear is safely and effectively cleaned.

Car Wash Laundry Machines

Our top recommendation for car wash laundry equipment is the UniMac UM202 Top Load Washer Extractor. This machine is specifically designed to create faster, more efficient cycle times.  

Engineered with a combined spray rinse and 690 G-Force extraction technology, this machine offers you the ability to use your towels as soon as they come out of the washer, eliminating the need for extra dry time.  

The UM202 is the sole heavy duty, all stainless-steel top-loading washer extractor, making it the most sought after piece of laundry equipment available for the car wash industry.  

Built to be durable and handle the fast pace environment of a car wash, the UM202 exceeds expectations and holds up to the rigorous demands of your business.  

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