How to Choose The Right Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Laundromat Business

If you’ve taken steps to open your new Laundromat and have already found a location, finding the highest quality commercial laundry equipment is the next crucial step. However, you aren’t sure which brand, features, and styles to look for and what all the language means for your Laundromat. There are many different brands of commercial laundry equipment that provide a multitude of wash and dry cycles, technology, and warranties that make their brand stand out. To help you understand what to look for, the Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. team has put together a guide to advise you on what to look for when researching equipment.

Customers will spend a lot of time in your Laundromat, so be sure to provide them with user-friendly laundry equipment, comfortable seating, & other ancillary products. Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales has outfitted over 2,000 Laundromats in the Northeast. Each store we complete is unique. However, one thing remains constant; we always deliver on providing our Laundromat customers with innovative, energy-efficient, superior-quality commercial laundry equipment.

What to Look for When Selecting Commercial Laundry Equipment for your Laundromat

When it comes to washer extractors, size does matter. The size of the machine is vital to the amount of laundry it effectively and efficiently cleans. With that said, you can choose a wide range of capacities, anywhere from 20lbs up to 120lbs. Look for washer extractors constructed using high-performance materials that develop strong frames, reduce sound and vibration, and can balance washer loads most efficiently. Our commercial laundry equipment is engineered with extracts speeds up to 200-G force. The inverter drive technology in our commercial laundry equipment provides a superior wash and reduces dry time by spinning out more water. Another energy-saving Laundromat feature to look for is a sump system; this system uses less water while still providing customers with maximum cleaning power. Leaks do happen, so be sure to look for washer extractors equipped with technology to detect slow leaks in valves and drains.

Keep it simple when you think about the technology for your commercial Laundromat equipment. We recommend an easy-to-use digital platform. You want a relatable interface that features multiple languages and offers profitable cycle modifiers. It has been our experience that Laundromat customers will select wash cycles based on the descriptions, so they know precisely the type of wash they are getting. This intuitive technology enhances the customer’s laundry experience and increases your profits.

What to Look for When Selecting Tumble Dryers

Like the washer extractors, the tumblers should feature technology that customers can interact with and understand. Look for tumblers that are energy efficient and provide quick and safe dry times. State-of-the-art construction tells a lot about the machinery. Product features such as electronic controls, proper airflow and suspension, heavy-duty belts, large lint compartments, and cylinder perforations are imperative to the quality of the dry cycles. A revenue-boosting feature to look out for would be a tumbler with anti-wrinkle and reversing selections. Laundry customers always select this feature as their clothes come out less tangled and creased.

To summarize what to look out for when choosing your commercial laundry equipment, look for equipment that will attract and retain customers, provide cost savings on your utilities, and be user-friendly.  Managing a laundry business has never been more convenient.  With intuitive business intelligence software, you can manage the data of your equipment from one store to multiple stores, all with one integrated system. With this easy-to-use platform, you can monitor and control your machines, gather real-time analytics on your equipment, and get precise diagnostic feedback. All of this can be done from just about anywhere. The commercial laundry equipment you install is critical to your store’s success. It is, after all, the backbone of your business.

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery stands behind all of the equipment we sell. We not only offer warranties on all of our equipment, but we also provide customers with peace of mind that they made the right decision in choosing us as their distributor.

The Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc team has dedicated over 54 years of service to the commercial laundry industry. We have been proud distributors of the Alliance Laundry System brands since 1968. Our distribution of Huebsch and Speed Queen for vended laundry, and UniMac for on-premise laundry, has been a staple in the Northeast. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers’ needs in varying locations. Contact the Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales office to inquire about our commercial laundry equipment and Laundromat business services. You can also reach us at 1 (866) 448-5468!

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