Capitol Restoration Case Study

The Fullone family have proudly run their businesses with notable customer service.  Damiano Fullone started Michele Dry Cleaners over 40 years ago, providing the highest quality dry cleaning and unmatched customer service in the Smithtown, NY area. Damiano established himself as a household name in the community. He made sure to leave room for his sons, Randy and Joe, to establish their names in the family business. He instilled the importance of courtesy and respect, and with that the boys educated themselves to be ready to step in.

Both Randy and Joe knew they could grow the business even more, so they introduced a restoration component to their dry-cleaning business. With that, Randy and Joe started Capitol Garment Restoration and currently own and operate the business out of their Ronkonkoma, NY location. In 2013 Randy & Joe welcomed an additional owner, Anthony Campagna. Anthony brought his expertise in sales, marketing, and customer service to the Capitol team.

Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales recently had the pleasure of talking with Randy about Capitol Restoration. You can hear how much pride he takes in his business, when he talks about his family run dry cleaning & laundry enterprise. We asked Randy why he chose Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales as their dry cleaning and laundry partner back in the 1980’s. Randy’s reply was instant… “We chose Metropolitan because you are a family owned business, as we are. Our relationship with your company has spanned almost 40 years and the long standing, working relationship with Robert Ricca of Metropolitan Laundry Machinery has been impressive. His efficiency and thorough explanation of layout and use of equipment was a key factor in why we chose Metropolitan as our laundry partner”.

The service Capitol provides is a critical one, and Randy believes “purchasing and using reliable equipment helps us achieve our number one goal of service. By using Huebsch & UniMac commercial laundry equipment, and Real Star Dry Cleaning equipment, our staff does not have to worry about the reliability of the machinery and excellent quality these brands help produce”. Randy encourages potential dry cleaning and laundry investors to “do your research on what a dry-cleaning plant looks like and learn about the daily operations of a laundry facility.  It is important to visually see the plant layout and what quality equipment you need to operate successfully. It is critical you meet with the team at Metropolitan, as you will learn how much experience they have when it comes to quality commercial laundry & dry-cleaning equipment and customer service. This structure worked well for us”. Randy suggests to anyone looking to invest in a recession resistant & essential business, “having a thorough plan before an economic crisis happens is key. While no one can predict the future, you must have a plan for the good times as well as the bad”. Metropolitan’s long-standing relationship with Capitol Restoration is highly regarded and respected.

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