Ancillary Equipment You Need for Your Laundry Business

When Laundromat owners and on-premise laundry room operators think of ways to improve their laundry efficiency, they often think about the latest, most advanced types of commercial washer extractors and tumble dryers.  

Look at your Laundromat or laundry room as a Broadway show.  You have the most talented, professional performers on stage (think: your commercial laundry equipment) ready to turn out a fabulous show. But without the directors, costume designers, sound engineers, and other crew members (think: ancillary products), your performers cannot, well, perform. Your equipment is no different.  Without the right payment system and ancillary components, your business cannot operate effectively.  

The right ancillary equipment can help you level up your laundry business by creating an efficient, comfortable laundry environment.  At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., our team is here to help you choose the right accessories so your Laundromat business can outperform the competition.      

Laundry Payment Systems

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an easier way to navigate through life, and doing laundry is a part of life. Fortunately for Laundromats, there are easy-to-use payment systems to help make doing laundry simple and rewarding.  

Most vended laundries are moving away from traditional coin payment methods as the benefits of a card-based payment system are proving favorable to both the store owner and their customers.  By using a convenient digital payment system, store owners/operators no longer have the hassle of collecting coins and customers don’t have to carry cash/coins with them.  

Advancements to your system technology allow us to offer cashless vended laundry equipment payment systems, loyalty card laundry equipment, or a hybrid of the two. Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. works with the best-in-class laundry payment system companies to offer the most appropriate solution for your business.

Payment options available for Laundromats, including credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, and app-based payment systems. As younger generations shift how they like to pay and engage, these payment options are becoming increasingly popular. Choosing the right payment system for your Laundromat will have customers using your machines more often, thanks to your flexible payment options. 

Laundromat Furniture and Organization

If you own a Laundromat, the furniture should be functional and make your customers feel comfortable.  When providing your Laundromat customers with ample seating and surface space to fold or organize their linens, you are giving them a well-rounded laundry experience.   

We carry Sol-O-matic and High Mark Manufacturing Inc. Laundromat furniture, two of the most trusted brands in the laundry furniture industry. Both brands create custom seating to fit any space requirements and decorating concepts. 

They also design fiberglass folding tables that are easy to clean between uses and resist chemical damage. Outfitting your laundry space with user-friendly equipment allows you to showcase to your customers and team you care about their overall health and safety. 

Don’t forget about bulkheads, designed to withstand heat, chemicals, and humidity — custom-built to your laundry business space specifications. These bulkheads and drain troughs can help to organize your commercial laundry equipment and protect them from clogs, excess suds, mold, mildew, and more. 

Laundromat Accessories

Laundry accessories include wire laundry carts, wire shelving, utility carts, garment racks, and vinyl basket trucks. These laundry accessories make it easier for your customers to hold their dirty laundry, transfer their linens between washes, hang their laundry to dry, transport detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and more. 

Does your laundry business offer a drop-off laundry service?  If so, make sure you have a reliable scale for accurately weighing those laundry bags. We offer the most dependable, efficient, and sturdy scales on the market.  

Another convenient accessory that customers find useful are bill and coin changers. These machines provide a convenient way for customers to get laundry done. Our team can help you determine which type of currency machine would serve your business most efficiently.  

If you haven’t considered adding Laundromat accessories to your laundry business, you’re missing out on key ingredients that can have a big impact on the overall convenience of your business. 

At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., we carry trusted Laundromat accessory brands, including R&B Wire Products Inc., Standard Change-Makers Inc., CAS, and American Changer

Water Heating Systems

Do you have the right high-efficiency water heater to meet your customers’ needs during peak times? Ensuring hot water is going to each of your commercial washer extractors is one of the most important steps in providing your customers with an excellent laundry experience. 

Brands like Fulton and NATCO create water heaters that Laundromat owners can rely on. These water heaters have been designed to provide efficient hot water transfer to your commercial laundry equipment. 

You’ll want to choose a hot water heater that holds enough water to support wash and rinse water for each cycle. Our team at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc. can help you choose the right hot water heating system for your laundry business. 

Vending Equipment

To make it easier for customers to complete loads of laundry and haul less with them to the Laundromat, consider adding laundry vending equipment options.

Laundry vending machines can dispense detergent, softeners, bleach, dryer sheets, and more for your customers to use as needed. 

Offering your customers products that work best with your commercial laundry equipment helps to increase the longevity of your machinery.  You can also offer eco-friendly options that align with your brand and benefit the environment. 

In addition to added convenience for your customers, it’s also an additional revenue source and profit boost for you. 

Dry Cleaning, Pressing, and Sorting

At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., we carry the trusted dry cleaning brands that on-premise, and Laundromat business owners love — Unipress and White Conveyors.   

These brands design dry cleaning equipment that can press, sort, and steam linens. Making this ancillary equipment an excellent addition to any Laundromat or on-premise laundry business. 

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