5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Vended Laundry Equipment

Have you ever made a big purchase only to be hit with buyer’s remorse within the first few days? It’s a terrible feeling, but the good news is it’s almost always preventable, especially when making purchases for your laundry business. Here at Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc., we’ve provided award-winning service, equipment sales, and business consulting to customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for over 54 years. Our sales team often gets asked, “what are the biggest mistakes you’ve seen other business owners make over the years?” Today we’ll cover the top 5 mistakes we can help you avoid when buying vended laundry equipment. We want you to save time and money in finding the right equipment for your business and avoid that buyer’s remorse at all costs! 

Buying the Cheapest Laundry Equipment

The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ is so true in the commercial laundry equipment industry. It would be best to consider your vended laundry equipment a significant investment, not somewhere you want to cut corners or costs. You’ll want to find high-quality, dependable machinery that can handle the volume of customers your business serves while being gentle enough to take care of delicate fabrics. It would help to think about your investment long-term. Invest in equipment with confidence. Be sure to select machinery that is built with the latest technology and is energy efficient. Over time, these features will save you money in the long run.

Make sure you find a commercial laundry equipment distributor that offers durable vended laundry equipment for Laundromats and multi-housing laundry rooms. At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, we are proud distributors of the laundry equipment brands, Huebsch and Speed Queen. Our best-in-class equipment is designed and engineered for use wherever vended laundry services are called for.  No matter what your vended laundry needs are, remember when selecting equipment, select a reputable brand you and your customers can rely on and trust. 

Failing to Invest in Energy-Efficient Vended Laundry Equipment

With the right commercial laundry equipment, your long-term utility and energy savings can pay for the equipment over the lifetime of the machines! For example, washer extractors with a fast extract speed spins out the most amount of water from your load, requiring shorter drying times. The improved design systems by Huebsch and Speed Queen have showcased their maximum cleaning power and have lead the way to lower utility costs and a more profitable business. By failing to invest in economically friendly equipment, you risk losing out on revenue that increases your return on investment.      

Buying Vended Laundry Equipment- Too Much or Not Enough

When selecting laundry equipment for your Laundromat or multi-housing laundry room, you want to ensure that you’re buying the right capacity and quantity for your customers’ needs. For Laundromat owners, you’ll want to determine the right mix of vended laundry equipment options that best suits the needs of your space and demographics. For multi-housing vended laundry equipment, you want to size up your space and ensure your equipment meets the demands of your tenants. You will want to consider the different options of single front and top load washers, and single and stacked tumblers. Selecting equipment that accommodates your customers’ and tenants’ needs while allowing enough space to be comfortable while doing their laundry is a win-win.

Not Buying Vended Laundry Equipment With Trusted Payment Systems

Consumers are driven by convenience, and vended laundry payment systems have evolved dramatically to keep up! Today Laundromat and multi-housing laundry room operators have the opportunity to equip vended laundry equipment with a wide variety of cashless payment options. From card payments to loyalty cards to smartphone app equipment, vended laundry doesn’t have to mean coin-operated any longer! Customers take notice of the latest technology while at your laundry facility. That attention helps attract and retain customers.   

Whether you’re buying new, vended laundry equipment or need to upgrade your existing equipment to provide a better laundry experience, Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales, Inc. works with the industry-leading laundry card payment system companies to offer the most appropriate solution for your business.

Buying From a Laundry Equipment Distributor That Doesn’t Offer Parts and Services

If you buy vended laundry equipment from a commercial laundry distributor that doesn’t offer parts and services after your purchase, you are not ensuring support for your business as you grow and face different challenges. If one of your machines fails and needs a part to get it back up and running again, you want to rely on your vended laundry partner to assist you. At Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., we dedicate ourselves to providing parts and services to your business long after the sale. If your Huebsch or Speed Queen vended laundry equipment needs a specific part or service, we are just a phone call away. If the part you’re looking for is in stock, we will immediately ship it to you so you can get your machine up and running for your customers and tenants. Our parts department carries parts for Huebsch, Speed Queen, and UniMac equipment and is always available to provide you with skilled and professional service. 

If you have purchased commercial laundry equipment from us, you can submit a parts request using the form here

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