Standard Changers

Standard Change-Makers understands that a reliable change machine is a critical component to the success of any Commercial Laundry. Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers has focused on designing, developing and producing the most reliable, secure and easily upgradeable change machines in the industry. Standard offers a complete line of coin, bill, token, and card dispensing machines specifically geared toward the needs of the laundry industry. Whether you want to accept cash or credit cards, and dispense coins, tokens, bills or combinations of these – Standard has the machine that is right for your needs.

Standard Change-Makers has been helping companies across North America for decades find this balance by providing bill changers of startling security, durability, and value. Whether your location warrants a simple change machine or a complete bank of changers customized to your exact specifications, you'll find that Standard has the complete line of products to serve your needs.


For security, reliability, and low price, the SC5T is a winner. Heavy gauge steel cabinet, 4,100 quarter capacity. The SC5T is owner-friendly-- simple to operate and easy to use-- and fast becoming one of our most popular models. The SC5T can be wall or pedestal mounted. Good choice if you need a big changer for a little price. Includes: System 200 bill acceptor, bill stacker that stacks 800 bills, hopper that will hold 4,100 quarters. Optional coin acceptor available.


Forty years of experience have allowed us to produce the best-selling SC94. This secure workhorse stands a full 55-inches high to attract customers, and includes a cup with back lighting. Built specifically for high-volume locations, the SC94 series is your best value. Believe it - sometimes bigger is better! Includes: 4 hoppers that hold 12,800 quarters or similar sized tokens, bill acceptor, coin acceptor (optional), 3-compartment bill stacker that stacks and separates 2,400 bills.

Standard Wall Mounted SC44 Front Load: While the SC44 is built like a tank to handle high-volume coin dispensing- a whopping 12,800 quarter capacity- it also in one of our most flexible machines. The three box stacker will separate 2,400 bills into three individual compartments. If you need size and sophistication, the SC44 demands your scrutiny. Includes: System 500 bill acceptor, 4 coin hoppers, 3-box bill stacker that stacks and sorts up to 2,400 bills and optional coin acceptor.


SC62 ChangerFront Load: The SC62 fills many diverse needs. Perfect for medium-sized applications, the SC62 holds up to 6,400 quarters or similar-size tokens and can stack and separate up to 1,600 bills. Includes: System 500 bill acceptor, 2 hoppers, bill stacker that stacks and separates 1,600 bills, coin acceptor optional.


SC44 DA ChangerFront Load: Two stackers, two acceptors, four hoppers, MANY uses! Two complete, independent unites in one cabinet. The SC44DA is versatile - it could even accept U.S. currency on one side and Canadian or Mexican currency on the other. Includes: Two system 500 bill acceptors, 4 hoppers, holds 12,800 quarters, Two 2-box bill stackers that stack and separate 1,600 bills each, coin acceptor optional.


SC34RL ChangerReal Load: The SC34RL is a robust machine that offers tight security and rear-load convenience for high-volume applications. With its heavy stainless steel faceplate and System 500 bill acceptor, this workhorse is engineered to provide secure and speedy service for years and years. Includes: System 500 bill acceptor, 4 coin hoppers, 3-box bill stacker that stacks and sorts up to 2,400 bills and optional coin acceptor.


Rear Load: Safe, Secure and Durable; the SC10RL is designed specifically for those locations where space and economy are concerns. Stainless steel faceplate with maximum-security cabinet. Access gained through door in the back of the machine. Includes: 1 hopper, bill acceptor, bill stacker that stacks 800 bills, beating device, leather shield.


SC34RL DA ChangerRear Load: The SC34RL-DA offers tremendous flexibility and capacity while providing top-notch security and dependability. Built for heavy-volume use, the SC34RL-DA contains two of everything! It's two completely separate machines in one cabinet! Includes: Two System 500 bill acceptors, 4 hoppers, holds 12,800 quarters, two 2-compartment bill stackers that stack and separate 1,600 bills each, coin acceptor optional.


SC22RL ChangerRear Load: Designed for the car wash industry, the SC22RL offers a safe and convenient rear-load cabinet and a high-security, heavy-gauge stainless steel faceplate. The SC22RL is our most popular rear load machine! Although 2,000 security checks of each bill take place in less than two seconds, the System 500 bill acceptor accepts 99% of any genuine unmutilated bill submitted. Ordinary maintenance does not require any specific tools or knowledge. Before you buy another changer, make sure you see and test the Standard Change-Makers SC22RL. Includes: System 500 bill acceptor, 2 hoppers that hold up to 6,400 quarters or similar size tokens, bill stacker that stacks and separates 1,600 bills, coin acceptor optional.


  • Verification System: Precision optical security system that makes over 2,000 checks for authenticity of a bill in less than two seconds. Can be factory or self-programmed on a simple keyboard to change any 4 U.S., Canadian, or Mexican bills.
  • Built-in battery with 10-year life maintains memory if power is accidentally shut down.
  • No special tools, experience or high-tech tools necessary for ordinary maintenance.
  • Popular end-feed method of bill insertion.
  • Transport system precisely engineered to eliminate jams and provide smooth, dependable operation. System is self-diagnostic and will provide smooth, dependable operation. System will provide a complete audit.
  • Optional Coin Acceptor and Accumulator.
  • Other Optional Features:
    • Locking covers for coin hoppers
    • Spare ticket magazines; locked ticket dispensers
    • Alarm system
    • Custom color and graphics
    • Lockable keyboard for non-resetting audit
    • Pedestal stand available

To meet the needs of economy minded consumers we specifically designed two new rear load change machines, the EC300RL and the EC400RL. These strong, colorful and dependable economy models are built with the traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail that Standard Change-Makers is well known for.

The fronts are built with heavy gauge stainless steel and contain a high capacity galvanized steel hopper(s) which dispenses 4 to 6 coins per second. Capacity of each hopper is 3200 quarters or 2500 $1 coins. These machines contain a Coinco bill acceptor with stacker or you can choose from up to four other OEM bill acceptors. Our machines are shipped completely assembled and ready to install.

The EC300RL is a through the wall, rear loading changer designed for outdoor or indoor use. It contains one high speed steel hopper that holds up to $800 in quarters. The hopper can also be used for one dollar coins without modification. The Bill Acceptor will authenticate $1, 5, 10, and 20 U.S. bills. The currency of some other countries can also be accepted.

It is built with heavy gauge steel and contains a stainless steel faceplate. Twin bulk loading hoppers are standard equipment. A hard "built-in" audit is also standard. This machine is also designed to incorporate a mechanical or electronic coin acceptor.


  • Cabinetry: Heavy 12 gauge steel with stainless steel faceplate and rear opening door designed specifically for security. Contains a sturdy "T" handle lock assembly with reinforcing and ACE brand plug lock is standard equipment. Attractive, scratch resistant Lexan front door graphics.
  • Hoppers: One high speed steel hopper with a capacity of 3200 quarters. Hopper can be used without modification for one dollar coins. This bulk loading hopper is easy to fill and can be easily dumped for accountability purposes.
  • Bill Acceptor: A Coinco BA 308 bill acceptor with a 300 bill acceptor with a 300 bill stacking capacity is standard equipment. This acceptor is capable of authenticating $1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills. Denominations that the owner does not want to accept can easily be shut off. Machines used in countries other than the U.S may contain a different bill acceptor. The Machine is designed to be used with most 120 VAC bill acceptors.
  • Options Medeco Lock plug Herd audit on hopper for coin count
  • Other Bill-in-hand audit 2 year limited warranty