Set-O-Matic Card Systems


Set-O-Matic Card SystemThe Card Technology segment of the coin laundry industry is now a reality. People interested in converting existing locations and/or expanding to new locations now understand the importance of smart card systems. We are the only manufacturer that uses a more costly method of assembly. Even though our methods and components are more costly, we are very competitively priced - a very big plus for you. Our modular plug-in of components means more reliability in operation, and if vandalism or malicious mischief occurs, it means that you will not have to buy a complete unit. Other units solder all components to the one PC board, so if you have a broken display, card reader, etc. it will not be a repair that you can do. All of our components use snap-in modular plugs and card readers, displays, main control board can be replaced in minutes, on location by removal of 2 - 4 screws, and at a nominal cost.

Our display is a 2-line backlit LCD, 16 alphanumeric characters per line, total of 32 characters. Others use 8 character non-backlit or 4 digit 7 segment displays. Each of our machine units can give information in English only or English & Spanish.

Any of our units can be used to display the balance on a card. Your customer does not have to go to the Add value center to find out their balance. This feature usually keeps the Purchase Add Value Centers open for customers who want to purchase a new card or add value to an existing card. Some manufacturers will tell you that they show the value on the card, but they do not tell you that it is the value after the transaction is done. (We don't think that your customer will be very happy if they have to pay for a cycle just to see their balance on their card!)

Our PAC (Purchase/Add-value Center) is available as a front-loading wall or base mount or rear loading through the wall units. Our rear-loading unit was totally designed for rear loading installation and is not a converted front load cabinet. The rear load has an oversized stainless steel plate, designed for security and a finished recess look. All of our PAC centers are designed for maximum security with double Medeco locking devices, 3/16" cold rolled steel, weighing approximately 150 lbs., not like the rather industry standard 45-50 lb. Units others use. Our PAC's can be programmed to offer 3 different bonus levels, depending on the amount of add value $ the customer selects. If you program the unit to give a 10% bonus for $20.00, the customer can use any combination of bills to reach the $20.00. Some other Add Value Centers require the customer to use a $20.00 bill only, if they use 2 - $10.00 bills, the bonus will be lost, and probably the customer too!

Card Technology Products

Smart Card Kits

Set-O-Matic J006 Set-O-Matic Gerry 085 Set-O-Matic Gerry 179

Available in Off-Line and On-Line versions

With On-Line units you can draw reports, change prices etc, from your home, office or anywhere you are. No cards or hand held devices are required for set-ups or collections.

Smart Cards; microprocessor chip cards with serial #’s that can be tracked

Set-O-Matic Cash Card

PAC - Smart Card Purchase & Add Value Center

Set-O-Matic Rear Set-O-Matic Rear Set-O-Matic Front Set-O-Matic Front

Add Value Centers - from Credit or Debit Cards to Smart Card (online *)

Set-O-Matic Add Value Centers

Hand-held Terminals (HHT) – Infra-Red 2-way Communication

Set-O-Matic Hand-Held Terminals

PC application programs with database for set-up, tracking and reports for On-Line and Off-Line Systems